Soulwater | Rhein Land
Soulwater Creative Beer Project. An Irish brewery based in Galway.
Brewery, Ireland, IPA, Pale Ale, American Amber,
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Rhein Land

About This Project

Style: Koln-style Lager

ABV: 4.6%

Malt: Extra Pale, Wheat, Cara Blonde.

Hops: Hull Melon, Summit.


Rhein Land was inspired by the light Kolsch beers from Germany.


We brewed Rhein Land with a light, clean malt bill and then added a new German variety of hops called Hull Melon. These hops impart a distinct light citrus and melon flavor to the beer.

Rhein Land is a beer that’s light, refreshing and highly drinkable.


This beer is vegan friendly as it is unfiltered and unfined.

Allergen Info: Contains Gluten.

This beer was brewed by Soulwater at JJ’s Brewery, Killmallock.